Bravado Moisture Washable Breast pad 6 stk fjölnotabrjóstagjafainnlegg

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Frábær fjölnota innlegg frá bravado úr bómull og microfiber, rakadræg og halda geirvörtusvæði þurru. 3 pör í pakka frábært verð!!!

Umhverfisvænt og gott fyrir budduna :)

Bravado Moisture Wick Washable Breast Pads

For maximum comfort, Bravado Moisture Wick Washable Breast Pads are the best of the best!

When it comes to breast pads, absorbency is everything. We designed these four-layered washable versions to keep us comfortable while they soak up the overflow, and to make sure it stays there. Bonus: They’re eco-friendly!

  • Innovative material ensures skin stays dry by gently wicking in moisture and locking it inside a terry cloth core.
  • Promotes breast healthy by keeping nipples dry and non-irritated.
  • Budget
  • and eco-friendly because they’re washable.
  • An outside dart allows for a form-fitting shape that minimizes movement against bra interiors.
  • Designed for: coverage, leakage, breastfeeding, breastpumping.
  • Fits in any bra.

Bravado nursing pads is specially designed with nursing mothers' needs in mind - for a breast pad that is far more comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly than disposable nursing pads. The unique design features super-absorbent terry cloth to keep you dry all day. A second layer of terry cloth under the nipples provides extra coverage. Bravado breast pads have a layer of Cool Max sportswear mesh against the skin to wick moisture away from the body. This feature is perfect for sensitive skin and prevents infection. Each package includes 6 reusable nursing pads. Due to the nature of this product, opened packages cannot be returned.

Stay cool and dry without hurting the planet or your wallet - try Bravado's Moisture Wick Washable Breast Pads.