Carriwell aðhaldsnærbuxur eftir fæðingu

Vörunúmer: aðhaldsnærbuxur carriwell

Aðhaldsnærbuxur frá carriwell sem halda við mjúkan maga eftir fæðingu án þess að vera óþægilegar

A comfortable way of making you feel slimmer and more confident

These panties are designed for comfortable post birth tummy control and back support. The stretch properties in the fabric gently flatten your tummy and help firm your buttocks.

Support: The tight knit on the back of the panty adds to back support.
Tummy: This panty has tight knitted zones in the fabric which ensures comfortable tummy control.
Invisible: The clever seamless design is invisible under clothing while still being comfortable and supportive.
Shape: Tight knit zones also add a subtle lifting effect of the buttocks.