Jollein Bathcape Biscuit

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Product Description

Dry your baby well after bathing with this soft terry cloth bath cape. It easily absorbs moisture and is kind to your baby’s skin. This cape is also ideal for baby swimming. This way you can wrap your baby warm as soon as he comes out of the water. Thanks to the comfortable hood, you can also easily dry the head immediately. Which color are you going for?

This bath cape is ideal after bathing or swimming. You immediately wrap your baby warm as soon as he comes out of the water. With the hood you cover the head so that it does not lose heat there either. Comfortable for your baby!

The soft terry cloth is gentle on baby’s delicate skin and absorbs moisture well, so that you can dry it in no time. After use, you can easily hang the cape on the loop.

You can iron this product, but it is better not to do it. Uncoated terry cloth absorbs more and better moisture.

So easy while drying.


Available in trendy uni colours.


75×75 cm.


100% terry cotton.

To wash

Washable at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and you can throw it in the dryer. Always consult the care label beforehand for further instructions.