Jollein changing bag – skiptitaska/bakpoki

Sjúklega sæt skiptitaska frá Jollein!

Taskan er úr mjúku Bouclé polyester efni og fóðruð með 100% polyester. Í töskunni er eitt stórt hólf og á henni eru 2 hliðarhólf, motta fyrir bleyjuskipti fylgir með.

Taskan er 38x30x13 cm


14.990 kr.

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Going out with your little one(s) can be a lot of work. That is why a diaper bag is a must! This fun backpack makes the perfect diaper bag. The diaper bag has 1 big compartment, which you can close with a zipper. Then there are 2 side compartments, which you can use for things like a bottle of milk or water. The inside has a cute polka dot print. Furthermore, the backpack has lined and adjustable shoulder straps. You can also carry the backpack in your hand, thanks to the loop at the top. The bag has a bottom, so that it will stay upright when you put it down. And it also has practical straps, so that you can attach the bag to the stroller. Isn’t that neat? The backpack is made of boucle, so it’s super soft.

The bag is 38x30x13cm.