Jollein Sleeping Bag Wrapper 0-3 months Sun – Sea Foam

With this lovely wrapper sleeping back, you can properly swaddle your baby. This wrapper sleeping bag has a cute all-over print with little suns, and a TOG value of 0.5. It’s a great solution if you have a restless baby. The swaddling sleeping bag is easy to put on, with the firm yet soft velcro. At the bottom of the wrapper there is a practical zipper, very handy in case you have to change a diaper. You can zip the bottom open, and the rest of the wrapper can stay on. Proper sleep is good for your baby’s development, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes the movements of their own hands and arms wake them up, and then they start crying. This swaddling sleeping bag has been designed and developed according to the latest insights. The arms and breast are wrapped firmly, while the legs can move freely. Also available with other prints.

5.990 kr.

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