Jollein Stacking Train

Krúttleg lest frá Jollein! Tilvalin í dótakassann eða sem gjöf fyrir lítil kríli.

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Don’t miss the train! This fun wooden train offers various options for playing. Of course, the wooden train can ride. The locomotive and two wagons are properly attached, and they can also be separated. Your child will be able to detach a wagon in no time, and they will have to train their motor skills to attach it again. Playing with the train and the blocks will stimulate your child’s senses to discover, feel, watch and recognise. While playing, you can teach your little one to name colours and shapes. The little animals are included, and these can be transported in the little wagons. Your child can let their imagination run free. There are various little farm animals on the train. Such as a horse, a sheep, and a duck, as well as a little tree and an apple. The train is very fun to combine with a wooden puzzle or set of wooden blocks.