Noppies dress Zinnia rose tan

Fallegur og sumarlegur meðgöngukjóll frá Noppies, sem gefur nægt rými fyrir stækkandi kúlu.


Kjólinn nær rétt fyrir neðan hné og ermar eru með 3/4 lengd. Rennilás í bakstykkinu.


74% endurunnið polyester, 23% viscose og 3% teygja.

5.495 kr.

Þessi vara er ekki til á lager og þvi ófáanleg eins og er.

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Zinnia Dress – A lovely stretchy dress from Noppies, which will give your belly all the room it needs to grow. The dress falls to just below the knee and will therefore give you plenty of freedom to move. The light waist and texture in the fabric have beautifully finished off the dress. And you can simply continue wearing it once you have given birth, as the stretch fabric will beautifully adapt in line with the shape of your body. Handy: there is a zip on the back, which makes dressing and undressing incredibly easy. This dress features three-quarter length sleeves and we have a variant with short sleeves too. The dress is available in a variety of different colours.

Material: 74% Recycled Polyester / 23% Viscose / 3% Elastane