Vandaður meðgöngu og brjóstagjafakjóll frá Hollenska merkinu Noppies.

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Stylish and comfortable The Noppies Maternity Rolla dress with an all-over print boasts the perfect fit for beautifully putting your pregnant belly in the spotlight. The fabric will feel soft against your skin and is stretchy to allow for easy movement. The ribbon will allow you to subtly emphasise your waist, thereby creating a lovely silhouette. We like to make breastfeeding as easy and as comfortable as possible for you. This item of clothing includes smart zips, which can be pulled up or down. You can instantly start breastfeeding, as there is no feeding panel underneath. The front is slightly longer, making sure the front and back are at the same height. This doesn’t just look beautiful, it will also make you feel great. ECOVERO™ is a sustainable viscose fabric with minimal impact on the environment. This is therefore a very conscious choice. Ecovero is the new standard in environmentally friendly viscose.

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Material 80% Viscose (LENZING™ ECOVERO™) / 16% Polyester / 4% Elastane
Fit Regular
Sustainability LENZING™ ECOVERO™ is a sustainable viscose fabric. Made using pulp and wood from sustainably managed forests. CO2 emissions and water consumption are also reduced by 50%. LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG.
Nursing A simple pull up or pull down zipper system which is hidden in a seam. You can start breastfeeding immediately because there is no panel underneath.