Noppies tank top Berlin black – svartur hlýrabolur

Hefðbundinn klassískur hlýrabolur frá Noppies.

Gerður úr lífrænni bómull og GOTS vottaður.


Hann teygist vel með stækkandi kúlu en hentar einnig vel hvenær sem er 🙂


95% lífræn bómull og 5% teygja.


4.990 kr.

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Tanktop Berlin from the Essentials by Noppies collection is environmentally-friendly produced and composed of organic cotton with the GOTS certificate. The added stretch allows your pregnant body optimum room to change and ensures the design is as comfy as possible. The sleeveless item has a slightly longer fit, which means the flattering fabric beautifully has your growing belly covered. In addition, this lovely basic item with a round neckline can effortlessly be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe.

When you purchase this tank top, simply select the same size as before your pregnancy. Our model is 178 cm tall and wears size S.

Material: 95% Organic cotton / 5% Elastane