Queen Mum Shorts jersey Kansas - svartar meðgöngustuttbuxur

Vörunúmer: QM 20121210
8.990kr 7.192kr

Liprar og silkimjúkar meðgöngustuttbuxur. Háar upp yfir kúlu og fylgja vel með stækkandi kúlu. Stillanlegt mittisband og vasar í hliðum.

95% lífræn bómull og 5% teygja.


Whether you wear these shorts on a super warm day or indoors, they're perfect! The jersey fabric is very nice to wear. And the handy ribbon and pockets ensure complete comfort. These pants are easy to combine with a simple shirt or a summery, loose blouse!

Nice to know: this dress is made of cotton and has the GOTS label. This means that at least 70% of the fabric is organic. Good for you and great for the environment.

Material : 95% Organic cotton / 5% Elastane