Baby brezza Superfast Sterilizer-dryer

Sótthreinsar og þurkar pela, fylgihluti og brjóstadæluhluti á aðeins 10 mín – hratt og auðveldlega.
Drepur 99,9% baktería með gufu og þurkar 75% hraðar.
Getur sótthreinsað allt að 6 pela, 2 sett af brjóstadæluhlutum og fylgihlutum í einu.

30.990 kr.

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Vörunúmer: BRZ0083 Flokkar: , , , , , Merkimiði:
  • Fastest Sterilizer Dryer – Takes 10 minutes flat to sterilize & dry vs 40+ minutes on others. No pre-planning necessary
  • Automatically sterilizes & dries 75% faster all brands of bottles, pump parts & accessories
  • Includes FREE 6-month extended warranty with your purchase on BabyBrezza.com in addition to standard 12-month warranty; BPA-FREE
  • Natural steam kills 99.9% of germs; Products remain sterile for 24 hours when left in unopened sterilizer
  • Large capacity – holds 6 bottles & 2 pump part sets
  • Easy push button control to select from 4 functions: Sterilizer & Dryer, Sterilizer Only, Dryer Only or Storage System; Stainless steel heating plate (NOTE: requires pre-rinsing to avoid milk residue falling on heating plate)
  • Includes measuring cup to easily fill with water