Bravado Restore Bra

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Teygjanlegasti brjóstahaldarinn/toppurinn hingað til frá Bravado! Hannaður til að falla vel og fylgja líkamanum þegar hann hreyfist.

10.990 kr.

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Vörunúmer: Bravado-11030BA Flokkar: , , , Merkimiði:

Think of this bra as a gift to yourself. Designed to bring comfort and softness back into your life. With a plunging crossover neckline that pulls away for easy breastfeeding. Knit in recycled nylon and LYCRA® BEAUTY for a sustainable fabric that’s gentle on your skin and the planet. With no hardware and an adaptive fit, the Restore Bra works wonderfully into your day. Whether you’re lounging at home or owning a meeting, it’s so comfy you’ll never give it a second thought.