Difrax upphafssett með bursta - newborn starter set

Vörunúmer: Difrax 601
9.590kr 7.672kr

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* 1x hvitur natural S-peli 170 ml hvítur með small túttu
* 1x hvítur natural S-peli 250 ml með small túttu
* 1x silfurgrár natural S-peli 250 ml með small túttu
2x natural pelatúttur medium
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The Starter kit with bottle brush is the ideal starter pack for infant food. It features all of the basic products a baby needs to be fed. The Difrax S-bottle with Anti-colic valve to prevent tummy cramps is the Netherlands' most popular baby bottle. The shape of the teat is easy for a baby to take. This makes combining bottle-feeding with breast-feeding easier for both you and your baby.

  • Basic pack for newborn baby
  • S-bottle prevents tummy cramps
  • Special coating gives additional soft grip

Baby starter pack contents:

  • Free bottle brush with integrated teat brush for optimal cleaning
  • 1 x 170ml S-bottle Natural white   (including Small bottle teat)
  • 2 x 250ml S-bottle Natural white & silver (including Small bottle teats)
  • 2 x Medium Bottle teat Natural

Recommended by professionals.