Matchstick Monkey Product holder green

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Easily adjustable to attach your teether, bottle and more. Your little one will never lose or drop a product again. Perfect for securing to your stroller when on the move or car seat or highchair. Contains BioCote® Antibacterial Protection throughout, making it easier to keep clean.

– The Multi-Use Product Holder can easily adjust to a range of sizes allowing it to securely carry your little one’s teether, bottle or other accessories! Simply wrap the silicone around the product and clip the button into the appropriate hole. Attach the other side to your stroller, highchair or car seat.

– Contains BioCote® Antibacterial Protection

– FDA Approved food grade silicone

– BPA free non-toxic and environmentally friendly

– 55cm long

– Suitable for babies from 3 months

– Always use adult supervision

– Check product before and after each use for safety purposes