Esprit meðgöngu og gjafabolur orange

Lovely Esprit Maternity top with short sleeves and a bow detail on the side. The shirt is made from super soft, stretchy fabric, which has made it lovely and comfy.The lovely fit will beautifully emphasise your growing belly. But the top will also be great after your pregnancy, as it’s perfect for breastfeeding too.The front is slightly longer, making sure your belly remains nicely covered and the front and back are at the same height. This doesn’t just look beautiful, it will also make you feel great.We like to make breastfeeding as easy and as comfortable as possible for you.The feeding function has been cleverly hidden in this item of clothing, it’s barely noticeable!And yet this can also be used to discretely breastfeed your little one.You can fold the shirt up on the side of the shirt which features the bow detail. There is an extra layer beneath this which can be pulled down to feed your little one. Handy!This shirt won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice for yourself, but also for our planet. This is the green alternative to traditional polyester. It’s a man-made fabric, containing synthetic fibres.

2.500 kr.

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