Mamalicious Aida 3in1 Parent Waistcoat

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Prepare your wardrobe for a new season with a functional and fashionable 3-in-1 outerwear style for pregnancy, post-partum for carrying your child and as a regular jacket. Use it during pregnancy by adding the panel or adjusting the fit; use it post-partum with the practical carry function for your baby; attach the carry panel in front to ensure space for a baby sling, baby carrier, or baby wrap, or wear it as a regular jacket and create a cosy, clean look. Our Awareness tag indicates and assures that the product contains preferred materials such as Organic cotton, Recycled polyester, Lenzing™ EcoVero™ Viscose & Tencel™ Modal.

– Product Type : Gilet

– Neck : High neck

– Sleeve : Sleeveless

– Closing : Zip fastening

– Pockets : Side pockets

– Lining : Recycled polyester lining for a comfortable feel

– Padding : Recycled polyester padding for warmth

– Extra details : Drawstring hem to prevent wind from entering, Drawstring detail, Storm placket to prevent wind from entering

– Attention : Be aware that this product does not provide support for the baby and that it must be worn over a baby sling, baby carrier, or baby wrap that meets all legal safety requirements. Please always ensure your child’s airways are free and that they are not too hot


100% recycled polyester